OSP Weekly Assignments
C. BinKadal --- Sendirian, Berhad.

SP Week 01 Assignment #4: DJBX33A in C and Shell Script

DJBX33A is a variant of the DJB hash function created by Daniel J. Bernstein. The “33” in the name refers to the number of rounds used in the hashing process.

  • Create folder “W01/” inside the “sharesp241/” repo. E.g., for “cbkadal” it would be “cbkadal/W01/”.
  • Create (touch) empty files “Makefile”, “djbx33a.c”, and “djbx33a.sh”.
  • Implement DJBX33A in c-language (dbjx33a.c) and bash script (djbx33a.sh).
  • Use the string “The DJBX33A result with C and Bash should be the same” (standard output).

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