OSP Weekly Assignments
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OS Week 00 Assignment #4: Course Registration (Google Form)

  • You should have a GitHub.com account.
  • First, you need to log in (login) with your Google account by visiting: https://accounts.google.com/.
  • Next, visit the Google Form (See the Announcement at SCELE) and fill in the following information into the Google Form:
    • Student ID (NPM)
    • Class A, B, C, I (Int) (this information is subject to change)
    • GitHub.com Account
      • GitHub Account example: “cbkadal”.
      • “github.com/cbkadal/” is not a GitHub account name.
      • But always REMEMBER, you are not “cbkadal”! Always replace “cbkadal” with your own GitHub account.
    • Email contact
      • Fill in with the email address that you usually use.
    • Your Full (SIAK) Name:
      • Use your SIAK name, NOT your NICK name.
    • If you make a mistake, revisit the Google Form page.

The following is an example from the year 2021 (os212)

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