OSP Weekly Assignments
C. BinKadal --- Sendirian, Berhad.

OS Week 05 Assignment #4: Memory


  • TARBALL “memory.tar.xz” should be inside the directory.
ls -al memory.tar.xz


bash 05-WEEK05a.sh
ls -al memory/
cd memory/

Modify memory/mymemory2.c

  • Rearrange the function “printMyAddress()” so that the addresses display from lower to upper memory.
  • The sequence number should be from “ZCZC ADDR 01” to “ZCZC ADDR 25” (The logical addresses may vary).
ZCZC ADDR 01 0X00005630880981C5  getEpoch()
ZCZC ADDR 02 0X000056308809823C  getHost()
ZCZC ADDR 03 0X0000563088098282  getUserName()
ZCZC ADDR 04 0X00005630880982AB  getStamp()
ZCZC ADDR 05 0X0000563088098423  printMyAddress()
ZCZC ADDR 06 0X0000563088098460  main()
ZCZC ADDR 07 0X000056308809B050 &pcounter
ZCZC ADDR 08 0X000056308809B080  bufEpoch
ZCZC ADDR 09 0X000056308809B100  bufHostName
ZCZC ADDR 10 0X000056308809B180  bufSTAMP
ZCZC ADDR 11 0X00007F1BEFBAB010  intArray
ZCZC ADDR 12 0X00007F1BEFFE8FC0  atol()
ZCZC ADDR 13 0X00007F1BF0002CF0  printf()
ZCZC ADDR 14 0X00007F1BF0002E70  sprintf()
ZCZC ADDR 15 0X00007F1BF00209C0  fgets()
ZCZC ADDR 16 0X00007F1BF0022550  popen()
ZCZC ADDR 17 0X00007F1BF0029310  pclose()
ZCZC ADDR 18 0X00007F1BF00A15C0  gethostname()
ZCZC ADDR 19 0X00007F1BF00E0D20  getlogin()
ZCZC ADDR 20 0X00007F1BF0106FF0  strcmp()
ZCZC ADDR 21 0X00007F1BF010BF70  strcat()
ZCZC ADDR 22 0X00007F1BF010CFF0  strcpy()
ZCZC ADDR 23 0X00007FFE34A69EF0 &intArray
ZCZC ADDR 24 0X00007FFE34A69EFC &localdummy
ZCZC ADDR 25 0X00007FFE34A69F00 &guestInfo

Run Script

cd ..
bash 05-WEEK05b.sh

Check and Read RESULT

ls -al

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